Open Letter to lovers of Sara Lee

With a huge amount of joy and pride, we announce that we are now the custodians of the Iconic Australian brand, Sara Lee. We have been in food manufacturing in Australia for decades, and we both have a real passion for high quality products and innovation.

Like many, we have lots of fond memories of dinners with friends and family growing up, enjoying a Sara Lee dessert together. We cannot wait to extend these memories and feelings into the next generation.

There’s a lot of positive news to share about our purchase and it’s impact on employee’s, loyal suppliers and not least of all people just like you and I who love Sara Lee products. There is an exciting future ahead for Sara Lee in new formats, channels and markets.

We proudly employ 200 amazing and hard working staff who have perfected the art of baking for over 50 years. Our staff have seen many changes over the years but one thing has stayed the same; the great quality and taste of all our wonderful Sara Lee products.

We challenge you, the next time you are invited to go to your friends or family for a bbq or dinner to take a Bavarian cake or Apple Pie and get the conversation back to the dinner table without technology and devices. It makes our meal time memorable and we hope you try it too.

Yours Truly,

Brooke and Klark Quinn

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