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Why is the range in Australia different to the range in New Zealand?2022-04-12T00:07:18+10:00

While the majority of the Sara Lee range is the same across Australia and New Zealand, we have noticed that Aussies and Kiwis have slightly different taste preferences! Aussies typically like their custards and vanilla flavours, whereas our friends in New Zealand prefer the taste of fruit, especially in their cheesecakes.

Our range caters for these preferences and therefore you see a slightly different range in Australia and New Zealand. Why not try some Sara Lee products when you travel between countries? You can let us know what you prefer!

Why is the brand named Sara Lee?2022-03-23T01:25:26+11:00

The founder of Sara Lee, Charles Lubin, named his first product, a cream cheesecake, after his 8-year-old daughter Sara Lee, because he wanted every product he made to be as beautiful and perfect as her!

Are the ingredients used in Sara Lee products Australian?2022-03-23T01:24:25+11:00

We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible so we can support Australian-based growers and farmers.

Are all Sara Lee products made in Australia?2022-04-12T00:08:38+10:00

All our Sara Lee desserts have been made locally at our famous bakehouse in Lisarow on the NSW Central Coast since 1971. Our ice cream products are also made locally in Lismore NSW and have been for over 30 years

Is Sara Lee packaging recyclable?2022-03-23T01:20:45+11:00

All Sara Lee outer cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable, as are the cake foils we bake our products in. We are working with our suppliers on the small amount of plastic packaging we use, so we can proudly declare all our packaging to be 100% recyclable.

Where can I find out more about your Foodservice range?2022-04-12T00:09:33+10:00

Discover our range of croissants, waffles, tray cakes, muffins and much more on our Foodservice website today! Visit website

Is the gelatine used in Sara Lee products Halal certified?2022-03-23T01:18:08+11:00

Yes, we source Halal certified gelatine for our products

Are Sara Lee products Halal certified?2022-05-03T23:40:07+10:00

Some of the Sara Lee range are certified to be halal so they can be enjoyed by everyone around the world. To find out which products are halal, click here to download a list of halal products and view our Halal Certification


What is the most popular product in the Sara Lee range?2022-03-23T01:34:13+11:00

Our most popular frozen dessert is the classic French Vanilla Cheesecake, and our top ice cream is the Sara Lee French Vanilla ice cream. We love them too, so we are never surprised that these are the perennial favourites.

Where can I buy Sara Lee Pound Cakes?2022-03-23T01:34:24+11:00

Sara Lee Pound Cakes are not available in local supermarkets.

If you really love the pound cakes, they can be found at selected Abcoe stores in NSW — please check their website for details.

Where can I buy Sara Lee Banana Cake?2023-05-01T12:08:44+10:00

Sara Lee Banana Cake is available in select independent grocers in Australia.

Where can I buy Sara Lee tray cakes2022-05-05T06:31:36+10:00

Our delicious range of Sara Lee tray cakes can be found in a range of selected Abcoe stores around NSW. To find out more information simply check their website for more details.

Does Sara Lee have any products that are dairy-free?2022-03-23T01:34:42+11:00

Yes, we currently have two products in the Sara Lee Plant Based range that are non-dairy. These include the delicious Plant Based Blueberry Cheesecake and the Plant Based Coconut Key Lime Pie.

Does Sara Lee have any gluten-free products?2022-03-23T01:35:34+11:00

Sara Lee products are not certified gluten-free.

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